Stylised Monologue

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


My friend said that this dress looks like a nighty... I suppose she's not wrong, it does a bit. In a potentially prophetic turn of events, I wore it to see a play that was extremely bad and boring. Unfortunately, as comfy as I was in my sartorial choices, the actors were shouting in my face too much to let me snooze... bad times, I tell ya!

A matinee play always confuses me as to what to wear, I always want to take advantage of the mid-afternoon outing but never want to look overdressed. (free pass into the writer's brain: I can't actually believe I'm writing this like it's a problem, it's not... yesterday, my flat flooded!!!!! Now THAT is a problem... I mean, what the hell is a fashion blogger meant to wear during a  flood?) Anyway, the answer to my ever so crucial problem is ...drumroll... a leather jacket and a pair of clogs! *sound of cheering and trumpets alongside with the visual image of confetti being thrown around* Think of them as bouncers at a very cool club, they just don't allow prepiness to get in. You could wear a Lanvin gown and still not look overdressed if you throw a leather jacket and some clogs into the equasion. Although, this might be an exaggeration plus I wouldn't advise you to wear clogs under a Lanvin gown.

Elephant in the room? What elephant in the room? That is totally me jumping!!!

dress: topshop
leather jacket: zara
clogs: topshop via eBay


  1. haha love the jumping picture - very creative xx

  2. beautiful surroundings and such a lovely outfit too!