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Monday, 26 September 2011


When it comes to picking out clothes, I generally try to go for things that I don't have a million of lying on my floor (I don't always succeed at this) and things that I can wear again and again and again (I don't always succeed at this one either)... Most importantly, however, I go for things coveted by the species their fabric tries to imitate. This dress, passed all the above tests with flying colours (proof in the photograph below)

[It's not very clear, but what the snake said to me was : 'Um exsssscusssse me? Where did you get your sssssssssskin from?]

what I didn't know when buying this dress (the perks of online shopping!!) was how tight it would be at it's hemline. No, seriously, it forces me to walk alarmingly similarly to a penguin (or a geisha, but lets be honest a constant geisha impression is half as funny as a Dick Van Dyke-esque penguin one... my boyfriend is a lucky man!) Hmmm... Thinking about it, this dress is so multi talented... snake and penguin, garment and comedy stimulator! Best £9 I've ever spent!

If walking in this dress is hard, imagine how hard it is to run in order to jump.  I fell over, a lot.

Take 2 (hundred) was, thankfully, more succesfull and a lot less bruise inducing! 

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  1. Hm, a true snake invasion!

    (28th October, Purple Turtle, Camden, Fancy dress recommended)...