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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royally Lost.

I am not in any way a royalist, I'd like to clarify that to begin with. I come from a country that got rid of its royal family before I was even born and I am a huge fan of democracy no matter what shape or form it comes in, it's still the best (of a bad bunch perhaps, but the best nonetheless). Still, I loved the Royal Wedding. The extravagant hats, the Queen doubling as Big Bird, Harry in his black suit (!!), the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding dress.
But most of all, I enjoyed walking through London. I didn't participate in the celebrations, I watched bits of it at home while trying to get my five characters to behave (their favourites were the Beckhams), but I went for a long walk across the city after the wedding was over.
And it was lovely! People on the streets, singing, dancing, draped in flags, dressed as archbishops, queens and princesses, drinking champagne, CELEBRATING!! When an occasion, any kind of occasion, brings a nation together, like the royal wedding did yesterday, it gets my vote (ironically).

And for the cynics, History consists of many things. The royal wedding, like it or not, is part of social history and by acknowledging that you don't cancel the importance of the problems in Libya. So put on a fake tiara or a sequined vest and like me, go get Royally lost in cheery London!! 

On a different note, Can someone a bit more computer savvy than me (easy!) please help me? I have issues getting a couple of things the way I want them to be. Thank you :) 

Leather Jacket: zara
Sequined Vest: zara
Shorts: River Island
Boots: Blink Chain
Earrings: from thailand. 

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blogging in the wind...

I have been stressing out so much about my play the last few days. I've had a couple of sleepless nights, a garagntuan amount of caffeine and many many arguements with all five of my characters. A few of them were missbehaving, acting weaker or more indifferent than I wanted them to.
It's hard to get rid of them sometimes. I'll be sitting at a cafe thinking about the next blog post, that amazing pair of clogged heels I am bidding on on ebay, whether clogged heels are still fashionably acceptable and almost hoping that they're not so that I can get them cheaper, and then I'll see them, all five of them arguing with eachother at the table just next to mine. They're like five hungry children, five needy boyfriends... or maybe they're just five characters knowing quite well that this is their only chance of existance. Five characters who have to fight for their right to sound comme il faut and act authentically because they know that that's the only thing they can be remembered for. 
Today however, the opposite thing happened. As I was slaving over my second act, I thought about this black dress I wore on my birthday and how much it needs to go out and play with the wind who was notably hyperactive this afternoon, because they are made for each other and it would just be cruel of me to keep them apart. 

Also, you guys are amazing!! Stylised Dialogue is 2weeks old today and blowing out 700 candles, one for each view. thank you, thank you, thank you :)

dress: topshop
shoes: zara
ring: topshop
necklace and bangle: vintage

Monday, 25 April 2011

Airing my Lungs

Technology failed me during the weekend. She probably decided to take a break too. I have been overusing her the last few years but she has been such a close friend in developing three dimensional characters and plot points, I couldn't not.
I spent the easter weekend in Wales and as much as I missed all the Greek traditions of red dyed eggs, sweet braided bread, fireworks and flower donned candles, I had a brilliant time eating my body weight in chocolate, climbing a mountain pronounced nothing like what it was spelt (moel famau/pronounced:movamai) and airing my lungs in Chester. 
My original idea was to do a monochrome outfit, like a rebel without a cause, I wanted it to clash with my previous post. I gave in in the last minute however, my boots were just standing there on their own looking so... blue (....sorry) they broke my heart. And once that had happened, well, I am known to be unable to resist anything ethnic looking..

I am back in London now, guiding the five characters of Orange Juice (my play), through their reactions and emotions. What a great responsibility :) !!

Lungs top: asos
Blue Boots: asos
Denim Jacket: zara
Bag: zara
Ethnic necklace: vintage

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


.Colour Blocking, the fashion obsession.
For me Colour Blocking is like secret affairs finally gone public. Lets be honest, Blue has always liked Purple but has been too scared of the Neutrals frowning upon them, to come out with it. And Red and Pink are practically sisters separated by fashion rules... But this spring, after a winter of Nudes and Peaches they have been allowed to reunite and have been doing so EVERYWHERE. A joyous occasion, no? So why the term colour blocking? A term clearly coined by 'glass half empty' people for whom the fashion world and its current favourite trend probably look a little bit like this: Purple is confidently trying to make a move on Red and then out of nowhere Blue appears round the corner wanting to hang out, he doesn't get the hint and stays with them, interrupting, COLOUR BLOCKING. Negative, negative people... 

Jacket : Topshop
Dress: ASOS
Kiss Ring: ASOS
Long Ring: H&M
Shoes: ASOS

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

London and the Sun.

London and the sun have a very strange relationship. They get on so well yet hardly ever spend any time together. I think the sun plays hard to get. London tries to woo him , it makes its days bigger, its flowers blossom, its rain stop... but the sun ignores it, he is too busy swimming in the Greek seas, spooning with the Spanish during their siestas, playing with the kangaroo in Australia, dancing naked in Brazil. London begs. The sun teases.. sends a few rays its way, London passes them on to all its Londoners. They smile, they laugh, they get naked in the park. The sun likes it, the fact that such a homely nation rushes out to embrace him so warmly. The sun gives in and for a few weeks, together, they dance the Conga. London beams with happiness and beauty. The scarves and heavy coats can have a temporary rest while the little dresses, shorts and flip flops work diligently. Unfortunately, London will soon miss its rain and its clouds, its people will start complaining of the heat and the sun will leave. Angry, bitter, telling himself the same thing he says every year... Never visit London again. But he will.

 The sun and I go way back. See, I might be in London now, but I grew up in Greece. We used to be friends, we used to see each other every single day. So when he came over I couldn't wait to show him all my favourite new items (well, items I acquired during the winter when he was sulking at London and didn't bother visiting at all!).

This ring is my absolute favourite. I have been obsessed with it since December when I found it in a vintage Ebay shop and bid on it manically!! I recently saw however that Topshop have made a version of it!!!!!!

Shoes: River Island
Claw Ring: Asos
Skull Ring:Asos
Mick Jagger top: House of the Gods
Shorts: Topshop

Saturday, 16 April 2011

a confession.

You know how relationships work... You go on a first date, you tell your date that one little anecdote you know will go down well, the one about you being 5years old and filling your uncle's car with water because you wanted a swimming pool. Your date laughs and calls you cute or funny. A few weeks later, you have now had the awkward 'are we aren't' we conversation. You are. You can now proceed to tell your boyfriend how you stood for 8hrs under the blazing sun at glastonbury getting squashed, pinched and bitten by cowboys just to see Bruce Springsteen perform a few decadent country rock songs. Your boyfriend finds you strange, in a good way. Now this is crucial, you have to wait until AFTER the moment said boyfriend tells you he loves you to tell him that you can't stand knees, that knees disgust you and you can't even look at other people touching their knees. He will think you're mad, might possibly even say out loud 'what did I get myself into'.. but that's ok, he loves you.. he even finds it fascinating.

But some times things happen and you can't hold those strange loves (read: obsessions) in any more. My plan was to reveal this love (yes,obsession) AFTER I had shown you some of my favourite edgy jewellery, high heels, spiked jackets.. but then EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS happened. 

My favourite band and current obsession (ok, deep unconditional love) are playing in London AGAIN so I can't stop myself, it's impossible for me to control it, I need to put it out there:


and when I say I LOVE, I mean that I am insanely obsessed with... 
I die for the scruffy hair and floral clothes, the beards (on men, preferably), the bangles, the beads... 
men in ripped white shirts and women in floaty dresses and unkempt hair look like they are having so much more fun. Just running around barefoot, feeling the grass between their toes, climbing trees... 

hmmmmm.... guess what I did today...

                               Dress: Topshop
               Black & Silver bangle: Accesorize


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Series 1, Episode 1

As a writer, I am fully aware that cliches can be to my career what whisky is to a recovering alcoholic. Tempting and destructive. In an attempt to smother my urge to talk about one of the biggest writing cliches, one that hangs out with happily ever after and a burdened love story, I will NOT mention how hard beginnings are and will start from the middle.

*enter generic american sitcom voice* Previously on Stylised Dialogue:

Daphne is a 23 year old writer based in London who usually looks like this:
but with some added Leopard Print.... like this: 

most of the time she dreams about anything and everything by Nicholas Kirkwood, Acne, Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, PAMELA LOVE 
but until she sells a play, she is more than happy to settle with  topshop, asos, zara, h&m, all saints, amazing vintage finds around London and Ebay!! 

She is currently developing a play about a group of people mid civil war in Athens, getting played by an important historical person. While she tries to figure out how to 'show, don't tell' well enough to get every aspect of the final revelation planted correctly in the first few scenes, she escapes into fashion, photography and ethnic jewellery!  

...oh and she ABSOLUTELY HATES people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person...