Stylised Monologue

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Series 1, Episode 1

As a writer, I am fully aware that cliches can be to my career what whisky is to a recovering alcoholic. Tempting and destructive. In an attempt to smother my urge to talk about one of the biggest writing cliches, one that hangs out with happily ever after and a burdened love story, I will NOT mention how hard beginnings are and will start from the middle.

*enter generic american sitcom voice* Previously on Stylised Dialogue:

Daphne is a 23 year old writer based in London who usually looks like this:
but with some added Leopard Print.... like this: 

most of the time she dreams about anything and everything by Nicholas Kirkwood, Acne, Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, PAMELA LOVE 
but until she sells a play, she is more than happy to settle with  topshop, asos, zara, h&m, all saints, amazing vintage finds around London and Ebay!! 

She is currently developing a play about a group of people mid civil war in Athens, getting played by an important historical person. While she tries to figure out how to 'show, don't tell' well enough to get every aspect of the final revelation planted correctly in the first few scenes, she escapes into fashion, photography and ethnic jewellery!  

...oh and she ABSOLUTELY HATES people who talk about themselves in the 3rd person...



  1. I'm totes loving the grinning pic.
    Somebody should totally make it into a t-shirt.
    :) x x x

  2. Well,Daphne,I like so much the "fresh way"you face the different aspects of life!Please,keep going on,it's a delight to read you!