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Saturday, 16 April 2011

a confession.

You know how relationships work... You go on a first date, you tell your date that one little anecdote you know will go down well, the one about you being 5years old and filling your uncle's car with water because you wanted a swimming pool. Your date laughs and calls you cute or funny. A few weeks later, you have now had the awkward 'are we aren't' we conversation. You are. You can now proceed to tell your boyfriend how you stood for 8hrs under the blazing sun at glastonbury getting squashed, pinched and bitten by cowboys just to see Bruce Springsteen perform a few decadent country rock songs. Your boyfriend finds you strange, in a good way. Now this is crucial, you have to wait until AFTER the moment said boyfriend tells you he loves you to tell him that you can't stand knees, that knees disgust you and you can't even look at other people touching their knees. He will think you're mad, might possibly even say out loud 'what did I get myself into'.. but that's ok, he loves you.. he even finds it fascinating.

But some times things happen and you can't hold those strange loves (read: obsessions) in any more. My plan was to reveal this love (yes,obsession) AFTER I had shown you some of my favourite edgy jewellery, high heels, spiked jackets.. but then EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS happened. 

My favourite band and current obsession (ok, deep unconditional love) are playing in London AGAIN so I can't stop myself, it's impossible for me to control it, I need to put it out there:


and when I say I LOVE, I mean that I am insanely obsessed with... 
I die for the scruffy hair and floral clothes, the beards (on men, preferably), the bangles, the beads... 
men in ripped white shirts and women in floaty dresses and unkempt hair look like they are having so much more fun. Just running around barefoot, feeling the grass between their toes, climbing trees... 

hmmmmm.... guess what I did today...

                               Dress: Topshop
               Black & Silver bangle: Accesorize



  1. Love the dress :) Thanks for following me on twitter by the way ;) xx

  2. Brilliant from the first posts! x x x