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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

London and the Sun.

London and the sun have a very strange relationship. They get on so well yet hardly ever spend any time together. I think the sun plays hard to get. London tries to woo him , it makes its days bigger, its flowers blossom, its rain stop... but the sun ignores it, he is too busy swimming in the Greek seas, spooning with the Spanish during their siestas, playing with the kangaroo in Australia, dancing naked in Brazil. London begs. The sun teases.. sends a few rays its way, London passes them on to all its Londoners. They smile, they laugh, they get naked in the park. The sun likes it, the fact that such a homely nation rushes out to embrace him so warmly. The sun gives in and for a few weeks, together, they dance the Conga. London beams with happiness and beauty. The scarves and heavy coats can have a temporary rest while the little dresses, shorts and flip flops work diligently. Unfortunately, London will soon miss its rain and its clouds, its people will start complaining of the heat and the sun will leave. Angry, bitter, telling himself the same thing he says every year... Never visit London again. But he will.

 The sun and I go way back. See, I might be in London now, but I grew up in Greece. We used to be friends, we used to see each other every single day. So when he came over I couldn't wait to show him all my favourite new items (well, items I acquired during the winter when he was sulking at London and didn't bother visiting at all!).

This ring is my absolute favourite. I have been obsessed with it since December when I found it in a vintage Ebay shop and bid on it manically!! I recently saw however that Topshop have made a version of it!!!!!!

Shoes: River Island
Claw Ring: Asos
Skull Ring:Asos
Mick Jagger top: House of the Gods
Shorts: Topshop


  1. Thank you :) and I love your blog!

  2. gorgeous outfit! love your shoes so much.

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  4. The ring is amazing ! Very nice shoes. (:

  5. That ring is amazing!
    I love your style and your writing is incredible!