Stylised Monologue

Monday, 30 May 2011

clothes audition.

The mood I am currently in is simple. If you are comfortable and keep me warm, I'll wear you. I picture it a bit like this:
 I wake up in the morning, really not wanting to change out of my pyjamas and attempt to look human. I look around. In front of me forms an imaginary line of all my clothes that want to play. First comes the yellow dress 'me!me!' it jumps up and down. 'What? bright yellow, chiffon, short... you have got to be crazy'. Then comes the blue dress with the exaggerated shoulders 'I'm soft, I have long sleeves' it winks. 'No, no... too tight, too out there' I send it away. Then come my shorts, I turn them all down one by one. I shout for my jeans, they get excited 'You never want us' they laugh. They come close, the tighter first, the flared not far behind. 'No, no... I'm sure I had some baggy ones'. A shy pair whispers from the depths of my wardrobe 'Me?'. I go closer, pull them out. 'Yes! hello, you, you are the one for me today'. The shy pair adjust on me, stretch nicely, hug my ankles. We like eachother, this is good!

Next, the top! all my white tops are wet. Dissapointing. I turn the ones with even hints of colour away. I turn the ones with any hint of a design away. They call me boring, I ignore them. I end up with the simplest black top I have. I put it on, it's a bit too big. I wear my bra over it. the tops with designs call it cheating. I call it underwear as outerwear, fashionable.
The snood jumps on me, like an overexcited pet. I stroke it, it purs.
I grab the lonely white waistcoat, the shoes with the chunkiest heels and my coat. Perfecto!

jeans: topshop
waistcoat: h&m
snood: asos
top: american apparel
coat: topshop
shoes: kurt greiger

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

the cherry orchard.

 I love having to go somewhere where you are required to make a bit of an effort with your appearance. Generally, I don't love the overly polished look. I always like scruffing up my outfits one way or another. (see here, leather jacket) But I have to say, a break from dull "imworkingfromhomeclothes" was more than welcome last night. So I tucked my overworn tie dye leggings (haha! it's true...) and oversized jumpers to sleep, I kissed my slippers goodnight and brought my red grecian dress out to play. Everyone was happy and fun was had!!

... I have to say, jumping pictures when you're dressed smartly, raise more strange looks than usual. haha!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Still Alive (sort of...)

Sorry I have been a bit absent recently, my showcase for ORANGE JUICE is in just under two weeks now. SCARY!!! I'm trying to get my characters into shape, to sharpen my dialogue, to make my revelations emotional and my structure clear. All that with the added pressure of people telling you that from now on 'THE INDUSTRY' will be aware of your existence. Ermmmm.... really? Needles to say that 'the industry' has somehow taken human form in my eyes. He is a man in a mental health hospital about to lobotomise you if your inciting incident is not at the right place. Oh man... (ok, so maybe that's just because I watched Shutter Island recently..) 

I wore this to my boyfriend's niece's 3rd birthday party. I thought the shorts would look cute, with the little pink flowers and all, i'd fit right in... Oh was I wrong... I spent the whole evening with Anthony's denim jacket on my lap looking ridiculous. Turns out they are not sitting down shorts!! Especially not when your boyfriend's family is present.. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sun of a Beach.

Quick post today because it is SUCH a busy day. 
When I woke up the weather looked cold and gloomy and it seemed that if I wanted any type of cosyness, I'd have to wear it because the sun was not in a particularly touchy feely mood. 
So, as you can see, I went for a variation of THIS outfit again. 
velvet: check! leather: check! studs: check! 
Unfortunately, the weather actually changed its mind and the combination of materials is actually making me REALLY hot. Oh well... 

I have also come to the conclusion, that as comfy and easy as playsuits might be, they're not exactly the most flattering item of clothing you can wear... and maybe even less so in velvet.  However, I still like the colour and cut of this particular one. Maybe it's one of those clothes that devide men and women. You know like baggy trousers or tent dresses that most women like and see as floaty and stylish but most men hate and just see as shapeless.

Obviously I could not resist turning a playsuit into a... jumpsuit! get it? hahaha (sorry..)

Playsuit: asos
Jacket: zara
Sunglasses: ray ban

Monday, 16 May 2011


Preferring  rings and necklaces, it had never occurred to me just how much fun you can have with accessories. Case in point: The leg harness. It arrived a little while ago and my excitement about it fizzled out within seconds of getting my hands onto it. It looked like a bunch of tangled chains. Fast forward to yesterday, my boyfriend who has gone from macho football fan to style advisor/fashion photographer and I were about to go out when... me: ummm my outfit is really boring. anthony: I like it. me: oh! wait! I have this leg chain thing. anthony: a what? me: wait wait, you'll see. I find it, give it to him. me: It's going to take forever to untangle won't it? anthony: um, no, you just have to cut these plastic things. Oh! so it was THAT easy. Fast forward about five minutes later, Anthony is making some sort of leglace/legless joke while I'm trying to figure out how the leg harness works. Anthony: I think you bought the wrong thing, it does not look like the picture. Me: maybe it would work around my neck. I'm trying it round my neck, it looks ridiculous, Anthony laughs, he thinks I should wear it in a strange diagonal, round my boob way. We laugh. I put it round my head, I look like a bellydancing robot. Anthony finally figures out what we're meant to do. I try to put it on, fall over twice. 
By the time we were done, the light out was terrible and we were late (so we ran and I fell over again, outside a pub packed with people this time .... Le embarrassement!) but we laughed so much, it was totally worth it. Haha!!
Have a great week everyone!

Leg Harness (leglace/legless) : asos
Top: topshop
Shoes: new look.
Bangles: h&m

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Four. Eight. Thirteen.

So, how did Friday the 13th treat you all?
I wouldn't generally call myself a superstitious person, although I always walk onto a plane with my right foot first and always touch my nose when I see an ambulance (which, as you can imagine, makes me look completely crazy when I'm at a hospital) and I don't like open scissors. Haha! I sound pretty superstitious/insane now, don't I? But that's it, I promise! I like black cats the best, Ladders don't scare me (although I'm not sure that physically I'd fit under one) and I'm quite indifferent to the number 13. I find number related superstition quite amusing. When I was in Beijing, a couple of years ago, I found out that phone numbers with 8's in them are significantly more expensive than the ones without and phone numbers with 4's in them were almost for free (needless to say my phone number was practically 144444444444). 
In Greece it's Tuesday the 13th that is considered unlucky and I have a friend whose mum would not leave the house the whole day in fear of what might happen. She was a deeply superstitious lady, she once kicked up a fuss when they sat us at the number 13 table of a restaurant. I didn't completely understand it but then again, if someone made me step onto a plane with my left foot first, I'd probably feel uneasy throughout the flight.

This is what I wore when I was being Michelle Obama to my super talented boyfriend who was a finalist at a spoken word competition! And yes, clogs might be my new obsession... 

And did I mention that this whole outfit cost me under £15? I LOVE bargains!!!
dress: Topshop 
shoes: Topshop (via eBay)
Blazer: Primark(!!)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blue for Thursday.

When you think of days of the week, do you picture them as colours? For as long as I can remember Mondays are pink, Tuesdays are green, Wednesdays are brown/orange, Thursdays are blue, Fridays are grey, Saturdays are black and Sundays are yellow. 
This has been one of the most hectic weeks ever but I'm getting a little break on Thursday so, I thought, maybe if I dress up like Thursday, it'll come by sooner! Plus, I just really love the colour and shape of this dress but sometimes it feels a bit too dressy for during the day. That's when my new best friend, the laced slouchy denim shirt comes in to save the day. Together we scruff this dress up a little, perfecto for a busy day! 
People following me on twitter will know that I was gushing about the bargain of the century recently haha. Well this lotus ring courtesy of eBay cost me £0.01 oui c'est vrais!! Ebay is fantastic for bargains and vintage jewellery!!

dress: Asos
denim shirt: Topshop
Shoes: Zara

Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Kimono is come from the Greek word himonas..."

"Kimono is come from the Greek word himonas, which is mean winter...and what d you wear in the winter? a rrrobe. robe..kimono.. ahh there you go."
hahaha probably my favourite quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So there you go, I wore something traditionally Greek yesterday. 
The arrival of these clogs (that I mentioned before here, and that are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn) is probably the highlight of this weekend. I have been completely consumed with Orange Juice as I am preparing an extract for the showcase... In fact, last night (SATURDAY NIGHT!!!) my boyfriend and I were both being boring, working on our scripts when we heard music, we looked out the window to the apartment opposite only to see a bunch of 70 year olds attempting dance moves to some really bad pop music. Initially we found it hilarious, only to realise how sad we were spending our Saturday night in with fictional characters when even 70 year olds are partying it up! haha oh well, the sacrifices that need to be made!

Kimono: Topshop (via Ebay)
Shoes: Topshop (via Ebay,again)
Dress: Asos