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Monday, 30 May 2011

clothes audition.

The mood I am currently in is simple. If you are comfortable and keep me warm, I'll wear you. I picture it a bit like this:
 I wake up in the morning, really not wanting to change out of my pyjamas and attempt to look human. I look around. In front of me forms an imaginary line of all my clothes that want to play. First comes the yellow dress 'me!me!' it jumps up and down. 'What? bright yellow, chiffon, short... you have got to be crazy'. Then comes the blue dress with the exaggerated shoulders 'I'm soft, I have long sleeves' it winks. 'No, no... too tight, too out there' I send it away. Then come my shorts, I turn them all down one by one. I shout for my jeans, they get excited 'You never want us' they laugh. They come close, the tighter first, the flared not far behind. 'No, no... I'm sure I had some baggy ones'. A shy pair whispers from the depths of my wardrobe 'Me?'. I go closer, pull them out. 'Yes! hello, you, you are the one for me today'. The shy pair adjust on me, stretch nicely, hug my ankles. We like eachother, this is good!

Next, the top! all my white tops are wet. Dissapointing. I turn the ones with even hints of colour away. I turn the ones with any hint of a design away. They call me boring, I ignore them. I end up with the simplest black top I have. I put it on, it's a bit too big. I wear my bra over it. the tops with designs call it cheating. I call it underwear as outerwear, fashionable.
The snood jumps on me, like an overexcited pet. I stroke it, it purs.
I grab the lonely white waistcoat, the shoes with the chunkiest heels and my coat. Perfecto!

jeans: topshop
waistcoat: h&m
snood: asos
top: american apparel
coat: topshop
shoes: kurt greiger


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  3. Love this outfit breakdown- you look fabulous! Following : )

  4. Those shoes are unbelievable! The outfit does look very warm. I too own that furry snood!

    The picy of you jumping is really cool!


  5. Another excellent post. Wonderfully written - very witty.
    I love how you always have a jumping picture.
    You always look lovely in you pictures and I'm lovin the coat. x x

  6. lovvee your outfit - that coat is amazing xx

  7. You are such a cheerful jumper :)
    You look wonderful. Most of all I love your heels. So amazing!

    xoxo Ra

  8. Gorgeous outfit and amazing blog!
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  9. love love love your gieger heels and your topshop coat, you look amazing!


  10. Great outfit, I love absolutely everything about it! You have a cute blog :)

  11. Love your jeans! I've been looking for a similar style myself.

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