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Friday, 3 June 2011

Desperately Seeking Shade.

I think my blog is a fair represantation of London's mental state. It is suffering from the trendiest of mental illnesses, it's bipolar*One day it's cold and rainy and all I want to wear is cosy clothes under my warmest coat and the other it's all sunglasses and t-shirts!  Today is a lovely, very warm and sunny day and a little less packed with chores. I even had time to capture my Madonna moment and share it with you. My favourite part of the outfit is my hairband which is really a pair of tights I decided to tie around my head as a joke. Somehow it worked out well.

The showcase is in LESS THAN A WEEK now. It's more nerve wrecking than exciting at the moment but at least when it's done it's done and I can resume my proper blogging routine.

Trousers: Asos
Top: Topshop
Headband/Tights: Accesorize

* (Don't get me wrong, I think it's a serious illness, but it just seems to be everywhere in the media at the moment.)


  1. loved your top and headband :) u look very cosy and beautifull!

  2. Lovely post. The orange of the bricks goes brilliantly with the outfit.
    And I love what you've done with the tights - very creative.
    x x x

  3. Oh this is lovely !!! :D I love your blog it is really nice !

  4. It's the same here in Amsterdam love, I dress with layers because it gets from 10-20 in the same day :)
    Cool outfit there.

  5. Love the headband!!:)


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  7. I love the hairband idea ! Your outfit is very cool =) and you have great sense of style ! I already am your follower with google and now I am gonna follow also with blogloving ! It would mean a lot to me if you did the same ! Kisses and take care xxx

  8. J'adore ton style! Biz:)

    Angela Donava

  9. That's a cute headband, like it much. And your style is really cool! keep it up :)

  10. Love the pants! They're amazing! The shirt is beautifull too!!:)

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    Farah from Fashionfabrice

  11. this is a relly nice outfit!!! :D:DD


  12. ur headband reminds me typical african style about it !!

  13. i think this is my favorite post so far, the phots are just magnificent!

    lots of love to you,