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Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Kimono is come from the Greek word himonas..."

"Kimono is come from the Greek word himonas, which is mean winter...and what d you wear in the winter? a rrrobe. robe..kimono.. ahh there you go."
hahaha probably my favourite quote from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. So there you go, I wore something traditionally Greek yesterday. 
The arrival of these clogs (that I mentioned before here, and that are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn) is probably the highlight of this weekend. I have been completely consumed with Orange Juice as I am preparing an extract for the showcase... In fact, last night (SATURDAY NIGHT!!!) my boyfriend and I were both being boring, working on our scripts when we heard music, we looked out the window to the apartment opposite only to see a bunch of 70 year olds attempting dance moves to some really bad pop music. Initially we found it hilarious, only to realise how sad we were spending our Saturday night in with fictional characters when even 70 year olds are partying it up! haha oh well, the sacrifices that need to be made!

Kimono: Topshop (via Ebay)
Shoes: Topshop (via Ebay,again)
Dress: Asos


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  3. Beautiful!

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  6. Japanese kimono!!

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  8. The kimono is beautiful... xx

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  13. The Kimonos are always so classic and very beautiful! I love the last shot! xoxoxoo

  14. so beautiful i love your shoes...and the cute jump at the end haha xx

  15. the kimono and clogs are way rad!
    and haha the reference to 'my big fat greek wedding' is hillarious!

  16. hi darling!
    the kimono is amazing! U look great!

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  17. Love your clogs, adore your hair, and the jumping pic is great. :-) xo

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  18. Gorgeous Kimono!!