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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Four. Eight. Thirteen.

So, how did Friday the 13th treat you all?
I wouldn't generally call myself a superstitious person, although I always walk onto a plane with my right foot first and always touch my nose when I see an ambulance (which, as you can imagine, makes me look completely crazy when I'm at a hospital) and I don't like open scissors. Haha! I sound pretty superstitious/insane now, don't I? But that's it, I promise! I like black cats the best, Ladders don't scare me (although I'm not sure that physically I'd fit under one) and I'm quite indifferent to the number 13. I find number related superstition quite amusing. When I was in Beijing, a couple of years ago, I found out that phone numbers with 8's in them are significantly more expensive than the ones without and phone numbers with 4's in them were almost for free (needless to say my phone number was practically 144444444444). 
In Greece it's Tuesday the 13th that is considered unlucky and I have a friend whose mum would not leave the house the whole day in fear of what might happen. She was a deeply superstitious lady, she once kicked up a fuss when they sat us at the number 13 table of a restaurant. I didn't completely understand it but then again, if someone made me step onto a plane with my left foot first, I'd probably feel uneasy throughout the flight.

This is what I wore when I was being Michelle Obama to my super talented boyfriend who was a finalist at a spoken word competition! And yes, clogs might be my new obsession... 

And did I mention that this whole outfit cost me under £15? I LOVE bargains!!!
dress: Topshop 
shoes: Topshop (via eBay)
Blazer: Primark(!!)


  1. nice shoes!Love that outfit!kisses!!!

  2. you look gorgeous, beautiful dress!

    greetings from

  3. perfect look! I really love your outfit and the last picture. it's so funny.

  4. lovely dress ! print looks like missoni <3

  5. really love the pattern on your dress and those shoes are seriously amazing xx

  6. Love that dress!
    You look stunning!


  7. nice blazer!

  8. love the dress, the shoes and the whole outfit! :DDD


  9. Great outfit :) I think that 13th fear is all in our head, I've had a great day :)
    xxx, Ana

  10. thank you guys!! you're great :) xx