Stylised Monologue

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

heart shaped glasses

As you can see, I've been feeling unusually girly today. I'm not sure why, but I'm embracing it. Even though England is refusing to realise it, it's June and I am Greek and therefore I am going to pretend summer is the season we are currently experiencing (well, tights are an exception). Yes, so, In my mind, it's warm and this is what I am wearing on my way to the beach. After swimming for a good half hour (feeling especially athletic today haha!) I am going to drink something refreshing, eat my body weight in Greek salad and read magazines in the shade... yes, lovely! Now where's my winter coat?!

 My housemate dared me to wear this AWESOME colourful ring that we bought together from a toy store. It jiggles and looks like little metallic balloons and I love it. Voila, Gasson!!


  1. I love your sunglasses and your rings !

  2. opou k n pame dn ksexname pws sthn ellada twra exei kalo kairo!!!s katalavainw!pl wraio t forema s!k t daxtylidia ekpliktika.idiaitera to xruso :)oi leptomereies tu forematos einai pl omorfes.

  3. Gorgeous dress, love the blog.
    Following you.

  4. Really pretty dress. Love the sunglasses.
    Amazing blog. x