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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Nude Heels.

 I am usually very impatient with clothes and shoes, I want to wear them the second they're mine, whether that means wearing them out of the shop or (pathetically) wearing them in the house as I am typing my play/ translation.
However, due to my love/hate relationship with nude heels and platforms ( I love that they make your legs look longer and they go so well with almost every dress you pair them with. They're the cool, go with the flow types. But then I fall out with them over their ever too frequent affiliation with black tights) I have had these platforms for EVER and hadn't worn them once until yesterday. There is something nice about keeping an item of clothing for a special occasion, I should make a resolution to do that more often (yeah... resolution to be broken in approximately 5 days when I will next have money)

 dress: topshop
ring: house of harlow
shoes: asos


  1. O.M.G absolutely lovin' the ring - amaze!!

  2. Stunning! And that last picture is incredible! So artistic - my photographed jumps are always terribly clumsy in comparison! x x

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  4. that ring is GORGEOUS!

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  5. Love the heels

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