Stylised Monologue

Saturday, 18 June 2011

parents visit.

A quick post to show you my most recent uniform.
These are a few pictures taken by my dad when my parents were here.
I LOVE those faux leather leggings! They literally go with everything, it's strange. You can wear them  in uni, at work, on a walk, on a night out, or to get breakfast with your parents...

Have a great weekend everyone!! 

leather leggings: asos


  1. those sunglasses really suit you. beautiful little post but where's the jumping picture :( x

  2. Love the sunglasses. I love Raybans and have wanted a pair forever, but just don't trust myself with them x

  3. thank you for the comment on my blog. i am not following you!!!!

    great posts! breakfast looks delish and its nice you went out with your parents!
    and i love what you are wearing!!!!!