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Sunday, 8 January 2012


Having been born at the very end of 1987, I spent my early 90's learning about life's essentials. How to walk, talk, eat and appreciate the Rolling Stones. My days were generally spent in a variety of baby clothes that sometimes had me looking like a little pig with vertical striped cream trousers and other times like the unwashed baby of a rock star.

As you can see, this is very early 90s, it still has some remnants from the 80s. Whereas this:

Is clearly finally on board with the trademark of 90s fashion: SIMPLICITY.

The rest of the 90s saw me progressing from frilly floral princess dresses and glitter ballet flats to leggings under my dad's mick Jagger's t-shirts and yellow timberland boots that everyone had to have, to jeans and tops with Velcro trainers to trainers with curly laces to trainers with laces too cool to be tied up (laces could be a post of their own). The biggest part of the late 90s, I can hardly remember what I was wearing because most outfits were covered by a big triple offence/brilliance jacket that my parents brought back for me after visiting New York. It was black patent, puffa and covered in glitter. Oh Yeah!! (these, by the way, are the same parents who wouldn't buy me light up trainers because they were and I quote 'too kitch'. What The Face!). I do remember however, my party outfit when I was 11. You know, when all the girls started wearing dresses at parties and all the boys wore lynx (called axe in Greece) and too much gel in their hair and we danced to slow songs. I always wore a very simple beige spaghetti strap dress and black suede pumps. I wore that dress and those shoes to every single party I went to for a whole year. So un-fashionista of me haha!

So despite my last bit of straight, simple and beige that could somehow be slightly 90s looking, I have to say the fashion of that decade and I didn't really meet. Versace's safety pins, Calvin Klein's simplicity, Kate Moss were all words absent from my vocabulary that I was too busy filling with the acoustic memorising of 'Macarena'. Granted, I did love the Spice Girls but I never owned platform shoes and the only thing Calvin Klein I was aware of was a beginners bra my mum chose for me which I religiously stuffed with loo roll and the occasional shoulder padding I had ripped off from old blazers like in any cliche film about teenage girls crying at their lack of lady lumps north of their bellybutton. I did however earn a Linda Evangelista haircut but it was more nit and less fashion related. Sad Face.

Linda Evangelista, Super Model.

Daphne Economou, Super Itchy.

So now, in the usual fashion that has everyone yearning for the trends of approximately two decades ago, I see 90s influences popping up everywhere around me. And I decided to give it a go, in a Peter Pan/Michael Jackson syndrome moment, I felt like I needed to go back to my childhood (minus the nits) but on the fashionable side of it.

I'm sure Jennifer Aniston had jeans like these. And sunglasses like the ones below too. Maybe I'm just channelling Jennifer Aniston.

Remember in the 90s, when banana phones were all the range?!

yeah, ok, I made that up.

JUMP!! x

top/trousers/bracelets: h&m
lipstick: mac
sunglasses: courtesy of rodis (without him knowing ...oops!) 


  1. hahahahahah teleio!!!!!! polu oreo post!!!!! teleiws braf!!!!!

  2. great post! i love 90's fashion so much, especially all the grunge

    KIRA LILLY fashion blog

  3. give us a pic of your -rolling stone-father...

  4. I like your blog! I support you and follow you now (via bloglovin + google). :) Hope you follow back!?

    greetings Marcel

  5. i was a a child of the 80's and a teenager in the 90's and i have to be honest-the 90's was not that great of an era and i can't really say i see anything 90's coming back. they are still bringing 80's stuff back like the smurfs, care bears, rainbow brite ect i know the 90's was your childhood and we all have fond memories of that time, but to anyone that experienced the 60's, 70's 80's ect, the 90's stright up sucked in comparison. both of my parents have said that the 80's was really the last fun decade and it was.

    1. I see where you're coming from, the 90's didn't provide the vast quantity of sartorial marbles a few previous decades did, however you can't dismiss that some of the things created during that time are worth mentioning. I mean, you can dismiss it but I'll have to disagree with you. My personal point of view is that within 10 years of collection upon collection taking place and big names doing big things, it would be narrow minded of me to not at least look into it and pick the things that I like. Plus, and I'm talking about fashion alone, the 60s, 70s and 80s are often revisited but if you have a look at designer collections, high street shops and street style there is absolutely no way of denying that certain trends are, at the moment at least, happening again. This is not a matter of taste or opinion, it's a fact. The 80s are also around, you're not wrong about that, but they don't have the monopoly of trends. My post is on the funny side, I am not claiming the 90s were my favourite era, they're not. I'm not at any point saying that it was the best, either. I am sorry you and your parents can't see the fun in the last two and a bit decades, it might not be in the plethora the 80s gave it out in but it still is around. I understand nostalgia, but surely we shouldn't just indulge ourselves into that and open our eyes to what's happening now. That's just my take on things and opinion. It's interesting to know what other people think, even if we do disagree. Dialogues are always good. Xx D

  6. the first picture is absolutely adorable - you were such a cute child & already practicing the posing haha
    love the new pictures too. really simple but very affective.
    can't wait to dig out the shell suit - the 90's are back haha x x