Stylised Monologue

Friday, 2 September 2011


Oh hiiii life...
I had forgotten how to have you, it's been so long.
Brunch? What? You mean I can leave the house?

mmmmm.... wow... oh, no I've waisted too long eating I need to go back to work. oh wait, NO I DON'T! I can go pick some noses instead

(notice the statue... an avid Stylised Dialogue reader??? I think so! Has he or has he not taken cue from a certain Mick Jagger impersonation? What do you think? click click click on the bold bit)

I can also go see some amazing photography by Corinne Day (R.I.P) - so brilliant!! Fashion lover or not, if you're in London I would strongly advise you to make your way to the Gimple Fils gallery in Mayfair and appreciate some great art. Oh and it's free, so really you have no excuse to miss it! (yeah, throwing some culture in is necessary after the nose picking haha!)

I know, I know, Kate's got nothing on me poor thing!

and then, and theeeeennnnnn... I'm going to go home due to feeling like death. Turns out my first day of freedom is spent with soup, fluids, friends (not my actual friends, the ones with full stops between every letter. f.r.i.e.n.d.s, the tv show), nurse Anthony (yay!) and A HIGH FEVER.
Thanks life... this is how you welcome me back?? pshhh... 


  1. Welcome back to the real world.
    Your day looked like fun - I hope you feel better soon.
    it's 1am but that food looks amazin and is making me feel really hungry!
    x x x

  2. I love your outfit! and the food looks yummy! <3

  3. Love your Sweater on the last photos...
    Penelopi F.