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Monday, 5 September 2011


The Little Black Dress has had free reign in the fashion world since the day a lady named after chocolate beans deemed it the chicest, most elegant, most essential garment  in a woman's wardrobe. Yes, yes, it can be dressed down, it can be dressed up, it is the fashion staple equivalent of salt and pepper... that is all true. Now, I don't mean to doubt the legend that is Madame Coco, (my name, at the end of the day, means bay leaf, an admittedly far lesser spice.) but here's my argument... the LBD is boring. Unless you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, try not to look like you're going to a funeral every single time a dress-up opportunity arises. (take notice... I didn't say never, I wouldn't dare challenge girlfriend's (coco) ghost in that way, I merely said not every single (insert word stating my exasperation, preferably starting with an F, although really it's up to whatever level of political correctness suits you) time!) What do I have to counter suggest? Well... as it happens, I was walking through a welsh forest in my ethereal LWUHD (as you do!) when someone (Anthony) snapped my picture by coincidence (completely planned in order to show and not just tell...screenwriting you will forever haunt my brain won't you?!!!!!! insert angry emoticon) Now, before I proceed to show you the pictures (no you can't just voluntarily scroll down/see the pictures anyway... play along damnit!) you have to guess what LWUHD stands for... guess! guess! guess! guess! Ok, fine I'll tell you... it's a Little White Uneven Hemline Dress. Ta-daaaaaaaa. Easy, peasy!

(just look at these pictures... This blog is mainly about realism!!) Now, the LWUHD is not only comfy, pretty and different it's also in it's way, rather multi talented. Case in point:
It looks great when you twirl in it...
it's fantastic for any last minute virgin Mary impersonations 

It can be worn either in it's original form, or Kim Kardashian-ed up! 
and of course, for the most important activity of the day,  when you jump, it'll make you look less like a bat/witch/flying olive[lack of imagination right there, happens to the best of us!] and more like a (deranged/mentally retarded) angel
(....ok, well, the compulsory tongue sticking out whilst jumping, cannot, unfortunately, be prevented by any garment no matter how many sartorial J.Lo style abbreviations you can come up with... )
So now you know, ladies and gents (what? I don't judge!) next time you're invited to a party/date/gig/dinner/christening/etc... ditch the LBD and take up the LWUHD... Bay Leaf Economou is writing fashion history right here, don't say I didn't tell you so!! 

LWUHD: cheap monday
Boots: asos
necklaces: vintage.


  1. Although Ms. Chanel is my idol, I do agree that every women needs a LWUHD!

    Awesome post once again :)


  2. very simple but perfect shaped top/dress. looks very complex geometries

    Rianna xxx

  3. Although I love LBD's I have to say that you are right... Liked your "little essay" and your LWUHD dress too :)
    till next time
    Penelopi F.

  4. Great advice, brilliant pictures, very funny - Bay Leaf I love your blog xx

  5. so inspirative photos! I love how special they are!

  6. i love these photos! especially your shoes!

  7. Wow. This is gorgeous. Outfit, location, photos... I loved everything.