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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Do you find fashion week confusing? Fret not, I'm here to help. Think the Olympic Games but with a little less lycra (well, depending on the season I suppose) and a little less obvious but probably a lot more under the surface, competition. Think the week that year after year Alexander Wang proves that he can do not wrong, the week that Helmut Lang's Nicole and Michael Colovos's perfect cuts, layers and drapes give effortless chic a new, improved meaning and Monique Lhuillier almost makes me want to sell family members for one of her gorgeous, feminine dresses. It's the week that photographers get tenonditis, models become walking canvases, designers shake in their footwear of choice, bloggers observe and fashionistas go nuts. Now, this last part, is what I need you to focus on. Ultimately, nothing influences the fashion world the way streetstyle blogs do!! The attention of the streetstyle photographer is what everyone strives for. The way to capture it? Bright palazzo pants, big sunglasses, hats, neon, multi-functional scarves, fur and high high heels. Yes, Thakoon's colour and pattern combinations were to die for and my personal favourite from this season so far, The Row, excelled with their floaty figures and almost exclusively ivory tones. However, in the long run, what everyone will talk about is how those looks have been incorporated in the lives of the fashionistas parading their stuff on the paved catwalk that is the street. And who am I to disagree?
I have been, after all, battling a hardcore adiction to certain streetstyle blogs such as a certain Mr.Newton and STREETFSN. But, if my short life experience has tought me anything, it's that if you want to make something yours, you have to relate to it. So, upon realising that, off I went, scouring the streets of London for my own, personal, streetstyle inspiration.
I looked and looked... I saw trendy girls with maxi skirts and tasled leotards walk the streets of east london, young professionals dressed to impress (with a twist) in the north, a frenzy of super stylish japanese people in central london (is good style genetic in japan?), some prim and propper chanel wearing ladies in the west and... well... well... THEN I spotted my streetstyle inspiration! A loved up, stylish, coulour clashing and very very British couple. They didn't care much for Fashion week, they had their own style. A style, they happily allowed me to get inspired from.   

Want to see a picture of them? yes?
well then,

Say hello to rubbish bin and fish and chips box!!!

Streetstyle inspiration mission: ACCOMPLISHED!!


trousers: asos
top: topshop
blazer: topshop
jewellery: vintage
sun glasses: ray ban


  1. haha hilarious. We find inspiration all around us especially in a wonderful city like London - but that is brilliant. Great blog! I loved reading it. x x

  2. looove your outfit! really into stripes right now x

  3. love the red pants!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful outfit!!:D I'm crazy about your red jeans and your shoes look stunning!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  5. i love the mix!
    always a pleasure to read your posts

  6. like pic!! and nice text.

    Lau' from