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Monday, 19 September 2011


I'm not sure what I should be blaming my current summer nostalgia on. Is it the S/S '12 happenings in London? Is it that high fashion is often a parade of unflattering garments (that I want to own, badly), is it that my body has decided to rebel against me and has come down with some strange migraine, man flu and a touch of completely undeserved hangover situation that is currently not allowing me to get out of my pyjamas and into anything worth talking/joking about? Is it all the above? *I'm nodding, to indicate that, yes, it IS all the above*
Ahh, Hello summers of the past when hair was long and cheeks were fuller and a passion for anything ethnic and hippie was ever present (ok so not EVERYTHING has changed). 
Best of all, in these old pictures, I'm bang on trend!! By some weird coincidence, or just the given fact that alike history, fashion ALSO repeats itself, floaty and white is happening in the catwalks of London RIGHT NOW!

And when it comes to unflattering and therefore oh-so-high-fashion, well... You may not be able to completely tell by the pictures, but this lovely dress manages, in one simple silhouette, to make you look simultaneously a lot wider, disproportionate and shorter than you actually are! A sartorial dream come true for any woman, I'm sure.

But really, who cares about flattering body shapes when the details are so pretty?

This ethnic necklace looks pretty happy and at home with the dress and, you know me, no ones approval matters more than the approval of ethnic jewellery. True Story.

When a boy is dressed in better shaped garments than you, you know you've nailed it fashion wise!!! (Not only is this man well dressed, he is also a brilliant photographer come on CLICK on this bold bit, it'll take you to his tumbrl and single! A real catch ladies, get him while he's hot haha!)

dress: topshop
jewellery: vintage


  1. lovely post :)

  2. gorgeous dress. beautiful detail and you wear it really well. xx

  3. such a fun easy dress - i absolutely adore it xx