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Thursday, 14 July 2011

No, it's silly.

Let me give you a brief character description of the people I'm going to talk about today. My three cousins. One is six, one is nine and one is fourteen (both years old and feet taller than me). The littlest one, A, I can tell you now, will ONE HUNDRED PERCENT join the Mafia. He is brilliant, mischievous, chatty, hilarious. The middle one, S, is a calm, sweet boy, fairly shy, thoughtful, hilarious. The old one, is mature, clever, obsessed with metal music, handsome, hilarious. The last few days have been filled with whinging, screaming, laughing, info about all the best video games, metal gigs and mosh pits, fruit, milk, an insane amount of food (god know where it goes, they're so little!) and the type of brilliant honesty that can only come from children. 
So today, during breakfast we had a conversation that went a bit like this.
Me: So... what do you think I should write about on my blog?
A:(eating a banana) Bananas
S: the building that is being drilled.
C:(exasperated)She writes about fashion.
Me: What clothes do girls look nice in?
S: I don't care
A: dresses
C:(gets shy)shorts?
A: yes yes Shorts
S: yes shorts.
Me: yeah? OK I'll wear shorts today, then.
cue to milk getting spilled all over the place, a jam war, a few slipknot YouTube videos, playing 'restaurant' and getting fat, bald, ginged up and old on my various ipod apps.
I leave the room to change out of my 'why do your pyjamas have sheep on them, you're a girl' outfit into this: 
Me: you like?
A: Yes, yes
C: Why are you wearing a sparkly thing over your cardigan?
S: yes, why?
Me: ummmm
A: it's to keep her warm.
C: No it's not. It looks strange.
S: Why are you wearing high heels.
Me: ummmm (highly verbal as you can see) 
S: Can you walk in them?
C: You're still shorter than me (laughter) 
A: Why are you wearing tights, shorts are for the summer (they live in Greece)
C: It's cold. 
S: Then wear trousers
A: Can I have more cereal bars (while eating more cereal bars) 
Now, I am not generally into yoga but you know it was either this 
Or this
Nahhhh... I'm only joking! Don't call the social services on me just yet.  
C: Why do you always jump in your pictures?
Me: I think it's quite funny?
A: No, it's silly.
 top: topshop
shorts: zara
necklace: vintage
cardigan: zara
waistcoat: vintage
shoes: asos.


  1. nice look, I like youe vest and color of your shoes!

    greetings from

  2. hahaha brilliant best post yet - and there have already been plenty of brilliant ones to date. Aren't children brilliant. Your cousins sound like a lot of fun. x

  3. Love your outfit and especially the sparkly thing over your cardigan :) xx

  4. Ah, such amazing post!!!Love it!And your cardigan is to die for!

  5. thats too funny - at least these are your younger cousins i feel like i go through the same thing with my boyfriend and i have to explain how cute i actually look haha - love the "sparkly thing" xx

  6. the last photo is the best haha. :))

    kibear ♥

  7. I have been I have a blue color point shoes!
    It may be cool in general. Good.
    Please comment/follow my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  8. omg what perfect booties! these pictures are so cute and I looove the embellishments on that cardigan!

    XO Sahra