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Friday, 8 July 2011

La Petite Grecque

So... something REALLY strange happened a couple of weeks ago... something that made me do this:
and this...
'What could possibly make you act like a lunatic in the middle of the street' you say! (well, that's if you don't know me, if you do, you're probably unphased by this behaviour haha!)I'm sure the suspense is killing you... Well, fine, fine, I'll tell you... I WON La Petite Anglaise's Not- So -Petite Dagmar give away!!! (some sort of celebratory trumpet sound accompanied by multicoloured confetti) This celebration has two parts. The first is that I never win ANYTHING!!!! I am just not a winnie person (a term, I believed I had coined last year when 'flake' was giving out benefit lip glosses and my housemate won a trillion and I won NONE. Unfortunately I recently realised that a certain honey loving bear had got to the term first.)anyway, yes, as I was saying, i never win anything! Ok, maybe that is a lie. Once, when I was 8 I won the lottery... (yes, yes, I did but don't get excited JUST yet) I won 3.000 drachmas(old -and possibly about to come back- Greek currency) and I know that it looks like a lot of money but it's only about €9 / £8 (to anal mathematics/economists : I used an online converter, don't shoot) I couldn't even afford to buy the Jewel Polly Pocket I wanted.(remember them? they were round and had a 'jewel' on the cover, I wanted the white one because it had a teeny polar bear and it was generally snow themed, very exotic)!! Well this time (victory dance) I won something awesome!! case in point: 

It's simple, it's chic, it's a staple, it's SO comfy, it looks nice on it's own, it looks nice with a top over it, it looks nice with tights, it looks nice with flats, heels, flip flops and high tops, it looks nice with a leather jacket, a denim jacket, a Chinese vintage jacket, a shaggy coat, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, ethnic jewellery and the list could go on and on and on ... My first instinct was to wear it with ethnic jewellery (massive surprise, I know) and my zebra print gladiator sandals (they look nicer than they sound haha!) but then I thought... well, I won this playsuit on La Petite Anglaise, why not play around with looks a little? Ella from La Petite Anglaise is very pretty, very chic, very put together, think Blair Waldorf meets Alexa Chung. I, on the other hand, look like, well I don't know really... Bjork on a style roller coaster?! I did use to have a very specific style when I was younger, it was sort of a hippy look. I liked the floaty dresses and the headbands and there was a time when I hadn't brushed my hair in MONTHS (boy was that a pain in the arse to comb through when I decided to de-hippy), at some point my 'hippiness' got so bad, my fat, lazy, toad looking, Daphne hating with a permanent fat lip, head teacher called me into his office and reminded me we no longer live in the 70s. (to visualise this, think a toad with a sarcastic look on its face, wearing a red polo shirt) 'miss Economou (that's me!) I would like to update you on the decade we live in. It's 2004 not 1974' he then proceeded to tell me I was never going to do anything with my life ( aaaaanyway, yes, so instead of wearing it like I would, I decided to LaPetiteAnglaise-fy it.

and by doing so, here you have it, my socks with sandals virginity!ta-daaa!

and a bow in my hair!! No cherry popping here, I'm practically a bow in hair slut (or I used to be anyway, when I was in primary school). Now, I am fully aware that I do not look anywhere near a chic as Ella and I am far from my comfort zone but I loved the excuse this gave me to experiment with style and I can assure you this Dagmar playsuit is going to be a regular on this blog!!
(don't worry, I've not lost myself completely, I will still jump at the end of this post -perhaps for joy this time!)
(see, told you so!!)
playsuit: DAGMAR
sandals: Gap
socks: Accesorize
tube ring: H&M
                                                                                     peacock ring: House of Harlow 1960s


  1. I love your blog. Have been following for a while now. This post really made me laugh especially the head teacher anecdote.
    & it's a lovely playsuit. You wear it so well. x x

  2. Congrats :)
    It's nice to see a fellow non-winnie person win something :)


  3. great look, nice playsuit!

    greetings from

  4. Beautiful outfit ! Nice to discover your blog !

  5. This post is super cute, I loved it!! I adore this playsuit - you look fabulous <3

  6. Love your outfit...LOVE IT!!!

  7. You look gorgeous! I love that black playsuit! So chic!


    Erin @

  8. Wow!!! The sandals are just AMAZING and your joie de vivre is breathtaking! All the posts, whether outfit posts or just writing are simply amazing and the name of the blog is really original! I was wonderring if you would have time to check mine, possibly follow each other? Hope we keep in touch!

    Mary from

  9. its so nice, the fabric looks great and i love how you wore it. i broke my socks-and-sandals virginity the other day too! loved it.

  10. Totally chic jumpsuit! Follow each other?


  11. Love the jumpsuit :)))

    LOVE minnja

    Wanna follow each other?

  12. I love that peacock ring! =)