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Monday, 29 August 2011


Let me apologise in advance for not being able to give this blog my 100% this week. I have a mui importante (how's my made up Spanish?) deadline coming up. The type of deadline you think you can only survive by suddenly acquiring super powers. Now, how am I going to do that? you wonder. I suppose I COULD get voluntarily bitten by spiders, hang out with bats or eat a shitload of peanuts (super goofy, hello?!)-(yes, clearly my super hero knowledge needs brushing up on). Well due to the fact that my relationship with spiders and bats is rather shaky and peanuts look like a tease snack to me (apart from raw almonds, I'd give my right arm for some raw almonds right now [plus, minus a right hand, I'd have a pretty good excuse to escape the deadline...]) In the case however that I'd rather escape the deadline with all limbs intact, all I would need is a red cape. But here's the catch, a red cape could easily confuse people as to who I am and trust me, Little Red Riding Hood is not who I need right now. I mean come on, lets put it out there... girlfriend is thick! How on earth do you confuse a wolf for your nan? was she on hallucinogenics?! So, lets summarize, 1 superhero + 1 deadline - 1 little red riding hood = RED LEOPARD PRINT SCARF. 

All black with touches of colour and leather is all I seem to want to wear recently. Maybe the very trendy, amongst the fashionistas of the world, answer to the popular question 'describe your style', 'I dress according to my mood', is not just a generic, faux modest reply. So, if my current outfit is, in fact, a reflection of my mood, I feel like a mourning dominatrix with an affinity towards bleeding wild life. Sounds pretty eccentric, I'll go with it, I'll call her Claudette. 

Hopefully, by the end of the week, Claudette will be leaving my life... 

...but leopard print superman is here to stay!

fingers crossed xxx

scarf/top/shoes: asos
shorts: river island.


  1. haha girlfriend this is brilliant. v.funny and scarf looks great. x

  2. Great pictures...very nice... check me out

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! love yours :) the leopard is great! i need to get a good leopard piece!


  4. definitely, I followed! be sure to follow mine if you like <3

  5. Love your photosand style

    Your newest follower Michelle

  6. This post is so brilliant! I really love the style. Good luck with your deadline! x hivenn

  7. ahh cute heels. your made up spanish. haha.

  8. i'm your new fan babe :D
    love your style and vibe :)